How Does College and Career Guidance Help?

There are a number of career options after 12th class. But the real challenge is to select the right one for you. Career guidance help students understand their strengths and weaknesses and then match them with their skills and interest so that they get the best suitable career choice.


One wrong choice can not only cost a lot of money but also amount to waste of some precious years. Professional guides use modern scientific techniques like Career Assessment Test, etc. to find out the student’s strengths and weaknesses and then use these results to find a college or career.


When dealing with a lot of options, the most logical solution is the process of strategic elimination. Professional career and college counselling help in narrowing down the options so that finding the right career or college becomes easy. Professional counsellors also empower you with certain information that is not available to general people. They deduce the facts about colleges or courses out of the advertisements so that the students don’t get misled.


College and career counsellors keep a track of the form filling process for all the colleges. They guide the students and parents on how to deal with the form filling procedures and remind them of the deadlines from time to time so that the college admission process goes down smoothly. Most importantly, counsellors help you understand the uniqueness of the student and help in devising a unique career path specifically for the student so that he/she gets the most conducive atmosphere for steady growth and success in life. With a defined career path, the student gets the maximum output for his/ her efforts.


In today’s competitive world , it has really become difficult to select the right kind of career which not only suits the student’s skill sets but also allows them to excel in their profile. The situation gets worsen with the lack of opportunities and right direction. In all such circumstances the role of career guidance plays an important role.

A few years back, the largest number of students used to compete for mainstream courses like engineering, medical sciences, commerce, etc. other courses like arts, fine arts, hotel management, etc. were opted by selected few and hence getting admission was not a big deal. Today, even these courses have become hard to get and one has to compete with many students to get admission.

Career guidance helps students to select the right kind of job oriented courses which will help them to take their career in the right direction. The career guidance is provided by the occupation or education in future which goes well with their capabilities, skills and interest.

Why Career guidance ?

Today's generation students......


Ø  Never plan for their future.

Ø  Follow the crowd.

Ø  Choose by influence of others.

Ø  Accept the parent's verdict by force.

Ø  Get tempted by current trend.

Ø  Influence by media.

Ø  Select a career in dejection.

Ø  Jump into any career.

Ø  Are totally away from realities.

Ø  Lack counseling facilities.

Ø  Live in fantasy would.

Ø  Lack motivation.

Ø  Fail to "Discover their lives"



ØHelps in academic growth & development.

Ø Helps in vocational & professional maturity.

Ø Facilitates an individual in the right education & profession.

Ø Offer help to handle educational & professional situations.

Ø Help in the proper utilization of human resources.

Ø Help in adapting to the changing concept of education.

Ø Prepare to adapt in changing professional situations and emerging challenges.

Ø Help in making proper career choice.

Ø  Help to minimize undiscipline.

Do you think about what are the major milestones in careers and how you can use them to pursue your professional life? Have you always wondered what is a perfect career? What job or profile can be ‘good enough‘ for you? Don’t fret over these questions anymore. This blog is going to help you reach milestones in career and make understand how to make the right career choice.To understand the milestone in careers better, let us consider the three important ‘Cs’ i.e. Course, College, and Career. These three vital ‘Cs’ have the maximum impact on our career and life. Let us understand the first three major milestones:

Course Selection

Course selection is the most important milestone to consider first. One can easily pick out the right course for them by considering a few factors. The most important factor is passion. When you are passionate about something then even a difficult task seems easy. All courses have their own challenges, thus passion in the field can keep you motivated to achieve more.Another important factor is your aptitude. All courses require a certain amount of skills and attitude towards looking at things. Aptitude tests can let you know which field matches your profile and can direct your passion. 

College Selection

College selection is a multi-layered process. One should start by looking for certain important factors like courses offered, faculty, infrastructure, placement history, the medium of instruction, etc. The problem one faces in this process are the availability of a number of colleges. It becomes difficult to find ‘the right college‘ that can fit your profile the best. Therefore, it is advised that you should start this process early and then make a well-informed decision.

Carrier Selection

Achieving personal milestones via career selection is crucial. There are many career options related to every course and finding the right ones will give you a chance to follow your passion and exhibit your skills. It is one of the major milestones in life because, if you go wrong here, all your efforts in the first two milestones will be useless.

Low Marks in 12th is Not an End of The World.

Advantages of Career Guidance

Determine Strengths and Weaknesses

When you participate in career counseling, the expert can give you different career assessment tests. These tests are intended to coordinate your regular aptitudes, qualities and capacities. You can abstain from working towards a profession that will just prompt disappointment. Having this data early can be priceless while picking what career path to take.

Set objective for Greater Results

A substantial piece of the career advisor’s job is to direct you through the procedure of goal setting in your career endeavors. The professional advisor can enable you to recognize the means expected to achieve vital objectives en route as you investigate new alternatives or roll out improvements in the profession you as of now have.


Get to know the availabilities

With the help of career guidance, the confusion of taking up the right subject decreases and students are able to choose their piece of interests, pick the appropriate subjects, and make the right choice in their career. Career guidance helps the students to make better decisions and have a clear idea about their desired studies and move forward in life.

Get to know the availabilities

There are times when we are unaware of many career options that are available these days; Which is why, career guidance broadens their career options and helps students come across many desired career opportunities like available colleges, admission eligibilities, college insights etc.

Support and motivation

The process of counselling will enable you to gain the special skillset which is required to fill in for the career of your choice. In addition to this, career advisors always ensure to support and lift the morale of the individual by getting to know what they desire to achieve in future and offer guidance in accordance to that.

What is career guidance ?
Career guidance is the process of helping to choose a career that is related to their potential, interest, need and ambitions
Why is career guidance important for students?

To choose the correct career options as per their interests, it is very important to have correct career guidance for all students. Career Guidance can help you understand what career would be perfect for you. A good career counsellor can assist you with deciding on the perfect career choice.

What is full form of career?

CAREER. Community Action Resource for Education and Employment Readiness

What is career and types of career?

A career means you stay in the same type of work. A career can be one job or many jobs. You can work for one company or many companies. A career is sometimes called a "career path." A career includes education, training, and work experience.

How do I find a career I love?

So here's a step-by-step plan for pinpointing your passions—and four ways to help you start turning them into your career.

·        Remember What You Loved as a Child.

·        Eliminate Money from the Equation.

·        Ask Your Friends for Feedback.

·        Read through a University Course Catalog.

·        Identify your Professional Hero.

Why can't I find my passion?
All you think about is finding your passion. Once you start looking for what you were meant to do, it's easy to get caught up in the search. ... You can't find your passion by searching the depths of your mind. Passions come from actions and experiences — not idle contemplation.

How I can find my passion?

How to Find Your Passion and Live a Fulfilling Life ?

·        Ask Yourself: Is There Something You Already Love Doing ?

·        Find out What You Spend Hours Reading About.

·        Brainstorm.

·        Ask Around, and Surf for Possibilities.

·        Don't Quit Your Job Just Yet.

·        Give It a Try First.

·        Do as Much Research as Possible.

·        Practice, and Practice, and Practice Some More

What are the elements of the career guidance model?
The elements of the Career Guidance Model are awareness, exploration, and preparation
What is career guidance PPT?

CAREER PLANNING is a deliberate process of knowing WHO you are so that you can be sure of WHERE you want to go or WHAT you want to be at some defined point in the future

What are the aims of guidance?


·        To help individual to understand and accept the positive and negative aspects of his personality, interests, aptitudes, attitudes etc.

·        Provide a wide choice and opportunities

·        Help make adjustment in the new life 

Why guidance is needed for all individuals?

The need of guidance is something that cannot be ignored by anyone. Furthermore, guidance helps in the development of educational, vocational, and psychological skills in an individual. Most noteworthy, guidance would help an individual to achieve an optimal level of happiness and peace in life.