Study breaking is a system that students who have quit school after 1st, 2nd or 3rd year may file directly for 3rd years. This doesn’t know whether your graduation has succeeded or declined, but you have a 3- year college difference. For these three years, a pupil would only need to complete tests in one go and not have to pay maximum graduation fees. OneSittingAdmission is now offering the best degree in one-year programmes to facilitate the students as much as possible. They have experienced specialists through which they can learn in detail about the procedure of application and depending upon your previous educational experience, offer consultation to assist you in the educational journey.

What is Credit Transfer?

The term credit transfer simply means getting credit for courses completed at one institution or in one program, when switching to another. Courses taken in one program can be transferred to the same program at another institution, or to a different program at either the same institution or a new one.

Types of Credit Transfer

There are two types of credit transfer:

• Course Transfer. Transferring courses from one institution to another or taking a course at a different institution that will transfer back to your current institution.

• Program Transfer. Transferring a block of courses from one program to a similar program at another institution. For example, you have completed a diploma program in Accounting and want to take an advanced diploma or degree program in Accounting.

Benefits of One Sitting Degree Admission:

 Completing a Higher Education always has its benefits,

 The break within your studies can harm you in earning a good promotion at your job place; with one year degree you’ll be reluctant to earn your promotions and make your way into career and financial stability.

 The shortfall often requires candidates to seek higher education applications whether they did not qualify or had their first, second or third year exams skipped or cancelled. Any graduation discrepancies will have no impact in one year because of the graduation option.

Benefits of a Credit Transfer Degree

There are numerous benefits if you earn a credit transfer degree. You have the freedom to pursue your studies without losing any of your academic years. It is a system to migrate to a university of your choice in the middle of your degree studies. It is very convenient for students moving to a distant location. They can continue their studies in a new university near to their new location. Credit Transfer degree is an excellent opportunity for students in India and aboard to migrate to a university without losing the credits they have earned. Most of the students have realized the benefits of these programs in their academic life and have embraced it wholeheartedly. We exhort you also to make use of the credit transfer system of studies and become the boss of your destiny.

The advantages of Credit Transfer

There are various advantages for sitting in Credit Transfer examination. A bird’s eye view of the advantages of this process is given below.

  1. The student will be able to stabilize the educational journey and save the loss of years by sitting for one sitting the examination.
  2. The student can pursue their education via online and distance mode.
  3. The students won’t be needed to attend regular classes on a daily basis hence they can do a day job or family business.
  4. Irrespective of the physical location of the student, he or she gets their required degree while staying at the preferred location.
  5. The students can save the cost of travelling and daily expenses and they can utilise that fund in pursuing their education

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What is Equivalency?

Certificates earned through several online degree programs, including single sitting degrees need to get equivalency certificates from Ministry of Education UAE. The government departments of both countries are involved in it. When the whole process is over, the Ministry of Education in the UAE issues the equivalency certificate. The Need for an Equivalency Certificate A student who has completed a degree in one year from schools, colleges or universities outside the country must have an equivalency certificate from the government to apply for certain jobs. It is also necessary for higher studies. Easily Obtain the Certificate of Equivalency through One Sitting Admission.